Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sing it with me now

Hey everyone. Relaxin' at our friend's house right now, listening to the boys trying to figure out the new PS3. It's a little strange because I kind of showed up uninvited with a bag of parsley and some lime-kumquat hybrids. TB tried one and almost coughed up a lung. Apparently, they are more lime than kumquat.
Today I just kind of lay in bed reading a book about the War of 1812. I also cuddled my bunny and drank a lot of tea, so all in all not too bad. Still, every time I have a lazy day, I feel strangely restless, even though I may have next to no energy. I always feel like I should be exploring research options or climbing mountains or something. But everyone probably feels like that at some point.
Um, yeah. It feels like a lot of personal stuff has happened lately. Like life is moving at a faster pace in a more sensitive direction. I don't mind it too much, actually.
I really liked the way you described that movie, SC. I felt kind of like I had watched it already, but was intrigued and felt like I would enjoy seeing it again. It was, um, lyrical, almost.
We have no snow. Bleh. But the sun outside today made up for it, mostly.

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