Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm watching this movie right now called "Mary and Max", it's s stop-animation film about this little girl in Australia, eight years old and sort of resembles me in a funny way. She has a birthmark on her forehead (I on the side of my head), thick glasses and a dark hair. She's adorable, she has questions about life and randomly finds the address of a man in a new york phone city phone book while her mom was at the local post office stealing envelopes. She choses to mail him a letter asking him where babies come from in america. Apparently in Australia they come from a pint a beer, she wonders if in america they come from a can of cola.
The man turns out be this 44 year old man. A man who has problems understanding life, and lives in an apartment with his cat, fish and bird. He has three goals in life, one to find a friend , two to have a life time supply of chocolate and third to collect the whole collection of these little figurines.
The whole movie shows them this complicated relationship, with both people just wanting a friend in life. They mail each other back and forth for years. It's sad and happy at the same time.

Today I want to go make tortillas. I've been thinking alot about Fish tacos lately, but have no intention of buying fish to eat.

Did it snow in victoria? It sure did here.

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