Monday, January 10, 2011

I keep you in my pocket for when I get home

Hello boys and girls, but mostly girls if I know what I know. Just got back from school and had a coffee, thinking about maybe getting some stuff done in the reading-my-textbook department. Want to hear a funn fact? Apparently the Coast Salish people (First Nations people originating around here) used to breed these small wooly dogs that they sheared like sheep to make blankets. And that my friend, is why I take Art History. It's the tidbits that count.

Also been watching the second season of Skins and those kids go to a lot of clubs (not that they do much else.... besides sex and drugs :D) anyways Shark, the last episode they had the Born Ruffians playing at one of these clubs, and a while back they had Crystal Castles. Talk about Canadian musicians infiltrating the system! One scene on this episode this slightly neurotic girl is asking her teacher how she stopped cutting herself. And the teacher goes "Well I cut myself for awhile... and then I discovered something else. Disco." cue the dance track. Those two have a small dance party in the examination hall, later joined by the principal. I think its things like that that make me love that show.
We are hiding out in my room because this guy in the living room is sanding things down. What a dick

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