Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hi. I am marvelling about how much the Gilmore Girls eat and yet they never seem to change, width-wise. I am also trying to write 3 pages about this article in my textbook, which is infinetly difficult seeing as I can't concentrate one bit. Good thing it's not due until March 21. We art students know how to procrastinate alright. Also today in my history class all the other kids were going off about their academic backgrounds and their interests in primary sources and here I am. The "fine arts" kid. Oh well. I can be the self righteous one, reminding the hardcore nerds about the fun in the world. Adding Spice to Life. Look at me go.

And also yesterday I was told by a man on the bus that my hair to freckle ratio reminded him of peanut brittle. He added that I must taste like ice cream. I tell you, I get hit on by more old men on the bus than... I dunno.

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