Friday, April 9, 2010

their broken necks will line the ditch until you stop it stop it stop it

Yeah but if you think about it really Oceanside already has burroughs. Coombs, French Creek, Qualicum Bay, Errington, Whiskey Creek etc etc. And no one really knows about them either, in fact very few people have heard about Parksville around this place.

Yes my night was nice. I hung out with Brett and Billy and this random English guy named Dan and these two stoners named James and Liam that we met in the woods. This guy who's room we went to at one point renamed Brett Kyle and Billy Alan, which was a little weird so we ended up calling Brett Kyle a lot and he had to write "You are not Kyle" on his hand in red sharpie. He left around 830 this morning, which was super early considering we went to bed around 3 am (Wooooee)

Anyways I am not going to Brazil but I think I am going to get a job at The Old School House and another night job at Bard to Broadway selling tickets. This way I will be all set and rich for September. Brett and Zoola are all excited about living together and I have to admit I'm getting a little jealous. But whatevah. I'll have the whole year with them...

Oh man! Found the cutest little neighbourhood past Bubba Rosa's. It's a street lined with really tall chestnut trees and tight shops, including this cafe that makes London Fogs I would punch a baby for.

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