Sunday, April 11, 2010

In My Best Clothes, This Is When I Need You

I wrote my first song today. It was a collaboration of course. About alcohol, which is funny because I didn't used to drink at all, it used to scare me. I think I relaxed these past two years, it feels like I have completely changed. I dunno if this is necessarily a good thing. Now my brother is suggesting we share his vodka with him before he moves back home and although the idea is nice because that's what siblings should be able to do, at the same time I cannot fathom it going right. I am trying to imagine telling my parents that my responsible, engineer brother bought his underage sister alcoholic beverages.

I just met Laura's WHOLE FAMILY. Seriously, even her grandma was there, I feel like I should be expecting a marriage proposal any day now. (Lauree if you read this I expect you to leave a comment, you know) Anyway it was weird because we stood in the hallway talking for like half an hour and I was thinking that if those were my parents we probably wouldn't have any conversation at all. Because lets face it- my parents are very old-fashioned and a little severe.

I have a french exam tomorrow morning and I'm a little worried because I have no idea what to study... How am I supposed to review for a writing class? It just cannot be done, son

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LV said...

Dear E.R.-
I am reading this right now and smiling. V. good, because I needed a smile tonight (It is 8pm and I forsee an all night study session coming up.) Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I love your writing and am not above envying you your supremely special, close-knit, and generally wonderful group of friends. I also wanted to let you know that even though you were all sweaty and gross from riding your bike a zillion miles today, I really appreciated that hug. Love you hon!
P.S. I happen to think your parents are very very cool ;)