Sunday, April 11, 2010

If you're still up, call me when you get this.

Taking things day by day defiantly helps the world of life goes by a bit faster. And then, at night, at the times just like this, where i don't really have the time to be witting in this, i have time to look back and realize what pissed me off ultimately, what made me smile buckets and what i should calm down on.

Also, on a different note, the amount of adorable couples in Montreal are rising each day, and i'm realizing how much i lack a consistant man. A man who lives down the road, in a cute little shit shack, doing something not so much productive, but creative, and i can just run there in the middle of the night, telling him how much i want to kiss him, or i painted him a picture, brought him a song to listen to, or i wasjust bored and wanted to hang out, sorry for barging in.

Mortimer, thats how i've been lately, wanting something consistent, and wanting a ten minute hug. But the ten minute hug thing comes around each month.

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