Friday, April 9, 2010

Let's create the buroughs.

I just had this genius idea of splitting up oceanside in boroughs and using that as our secret way of figuring out where to go. It will be our thing. We will eventually start using it in the novels we write, and the good majority won't know what hit them. I'll draw out a map for you, maybe mail it to you for the original plans, and see if you agree with it? Let's hope this can work ( it will be like using the word dragonfly for sex in grade 5).

Other then that, how was your night? Mine was super cool, but also pretty lame- ill tell you the happy stuff first. I am now a proud owner of a rainbow swEATER, and this pretty flower shirt that will eventually impress the boy i'd like to impress one day.

Bad news? A girl from my group, Cassie, shes from bc :( is leaving. So the skies are gray for her. And its then it's down to 10.

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