Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Pot Of Gold Or A Rising Sun

Hey Sharky Shark. yes Uni has been treating me tightly, so tightly I may just explooooooode. ha.

Anyways I like the video you posted, I definetly thought that there would be more people at that pillow fighty thing. Anyhow I like how you can hear you kind of quietly chuckle/laugh-gasping in the background. Your friend Scott sounds nice. Where is he from again? You should invite him to visit us in Vic sometime. And your Boots and Ass friend, whatever that means.

So I just finished writing this half-assed english paper (last one!!) about this girl's dad is treated like her son, and is living in this fantasy land, and everyone is secretly jealous of this. Not sure if it makes sense outside of my head yet, maybe I shouldn't have waited to start until the day of, eh? Mr. Mueller is supposedly coming for a visit today, and staying until thursday. Which is nice I guess. Gonna show him the houseeeee. Which Laura has started calling "M's crack-shack" thanks a dozen. Anyways this whole week is going to be weird because it is the last one! wowee. Not sure if I am ready to go back to Pville and work steady the rest of the summer. Even going back for Easter was boring as hell, luckily I'm sick so I didn't notice as much. But seriously. Gonna go see if the whistling man is done cleaning the loo.

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