Tuesday, April 6, 2010


While things are melting it seems on the west coast (relationships with really good looking Persian man, who seems to be halting things and putting up really hard barriers of rocks and wooden walls, for me to jump over) here on the east coast, things are moving at a slow-cooker speed. Camille and I just made silk tofu coconut and bananers mousses for tonights dinner, and the lunch time rush is none existent, I'm sitting here with a glass of milk, looking at home and apartment ideals that hipsters and artists alike have posted. Just for me. The groups leader is down the table laughing at my results in a Cosmo magazine and headlines.."Boots to bad ass". Shes adorable Mortimer. Theres this picture on the metro, of a shark eating a seal, and we have this vision of photoshopping her into the image, where she is jumping off a greenpeace boat, into the mouth of the shark, stealing the seal away mid grasp and roundhouse kicking the shark in the face. My favorite line involving her is what Scott, my friend said about her.. "Unless your friend has wings, she is not as cool as you."

Hope University is treating you tightly.

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