Saturday, April 3, 2010

How many times can you use paper planes?

More then ten. At least.
I'm in bed right now, regretting the fact that i sold my pillow today for 15 dollars at this nutso thrift store, to a crazy man who said, next time we come on over, we should wear pjs and he will help undress us (no lie mortimer...)
So today was that day of the ultimate pillow fight, here in montreal, down in philipps square, on st catherines, and it was a glorious sunny day, where it was sweaty and things were really nice, so nice that after smashing people with pillows with pillows we went an had some good ben and jerrys. I need to start saving up the money, because, even though the pajama pants im wearing right now are cool, were they worth it? I'm still undescided.

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