Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It Was 2002 And You Needed Reminding To Stay Alive

So I am writing this paper about Jewish betrothal rings for art history, of all things (check out the picture! The little roof thing on top opens!) and my mind keeps wandering all around. This is where it ended up. I went to the library downtown and got some CDs out. Annnnd I have met this guy that is a friend of a friend 3 times and never has he been sober. I guess 3 times isn't that many, but seriously... I wonder what he is like without drugs and alcohol. Hmm

So I might have mono. Great. Symptoms include: swollen lymph nodes, mild fever yesterday, lack of apetite, sore throat, sore joints, major headache, ear ache, abnormal amounts of burps. So if there is a doctor on the premesis... care to make a diagnosis? Last person I know who was told by a doctor "you might have mono" turned out to have cancer. Which is worrying.

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