Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sad to say, i'm on my way, and i wont be back for many a day

Everyday i'm still amazed how nice the houses are here and how the stairs twist up into something nice. Like the top floor.
On sunday i went into this record store (thats on the street that has mount royal metro?) and found this "le petit prince" record, and since it was only five dollars, i was like hey! gotta have this, both my little brother and i could relate to it too. Actually, anyone who has a basic knowledge in french literature and likes to think about a crazy army man in he forest could enjoy it. All the same, that day, i didnt get it, because a friend told me "Nah... i can get that for you for free at the thrift store" and just now, i can home to it on my bed, which is awesome, because i like surprises. And now i'm listening to harry belafonte, just because i was thinking of old records and he was the first. Him and Dean.

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