Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Else Can I Write, I Don't Have The Right

Fancy that. I also have an insane headache. It feels like the walls of my head are pushing in from all sides.

Anyways today I went on a bike ride with our friend Zoola, and we went up and down the rocky hills of Cadboro Bay trying to find this bike path that I guess doesn't really exist beause we never quite got there. And I went to a tea party from 3 to seven with the english course union. We played all these random games, one of them being Balderdash, which is suprisingly fun. Actually the people in the union are all basically their own version of the mad hatter. I have not laughed that hard in soooo long, it was nice. And... I don't know if this is racist or not, or just race- aware, but I got my first hug from a black man today. I'm only realizing this now, Actually I don't think I've ever been hugged by a guy wearing skinny jeans either, or anyone from South Africa, considering I only know two. So there you go, A multi-cultured hipster hug.
And Shark I have met surprisingly few cartoonists here, whereas there seems to be unlimited actors. We should just do it ourselves

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