Saturday, March 27, 2010

Did you improve on the design? Did you do something new?

NO Lupe Fiasco, no i did not. I did volunteer at mcgill all day nearly though. We helped with this uncharted waters workshop thingy, and i got to see a workshop on water bottles and how much hell they bring us- to say the least, it takes three liters of water to make a one liter of bottled water, and then 3-5 barels of water for every barel of oil. Isnt that crazy? I know right.

Right now i have this stupid headache, and it isn't helping that there is something like 22 people in the house right, because another group wanted to stay the night and we were like yeah yeah, why not. So, as i write this right now, the walls are telling me all their secrets and because they are so thin (the walls) they could potentially, in theory hear mine, but my mouth is shut right now.

I found this cool picture of a design option we could do for our walls? Yeh and Nay? Lets find some good looking comic book boy artists who can do it for me? and you? You can start looking for them mortimer- because i know you dont have much going on, just university. :P

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