Monday, March 29, 2010

They Got A Name For The Winners Of The World, I Wanna Name When I Lose

So last night 20ish people from my building went on a beach adventure. We had a bonfire on this secluded bay off some really creepy, shadowy road. My spirits rose 60% just from running down this dark lane in the middle of the night, like old times. I still smell like campfire. It wasn't as fun as bonfires I have had with people I know and love, mostly because no one did anything incredibly stupid, and the few people who did go swimmings were kind of wimpy about it and screamed the whole time. No pop cans were hidden in the embers 'just to see what would happen' no one jumped off of really tall things just for kicks. we didn't make friends with any randoms wandering the beaches, I didn't even get that dirty. People sat around talking about there majors and people they had met at parties named Gordo, and after an hour most of us called it quits in favour of some paper or other due the next day.

I was nice though, I guess.

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