Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today was clear-er, compared to tommorow.

The wireless, as i told you on facebook, is finally working, so potential skype with everyone is in the realms of possibilities now. What you just wrote was actually really funny to read, so good on you. Things today looked a little brighter, even though there was crazy rain in the morning, crazy hail that followed me to the metro and then random falls of snow that stared at me from the cafetarias windows during lunch, things were goodd
Its weird though, how it just snows randomly, and i know that sounds stupid, but its just really cool snow for a couple hours and then nothing, but its still super cold outside and then you hear people complaining about how they shouldnt of worn there spring jackets today, and tabernacking the weather man.
I don't know what else to say right now, i just thought since the laptop internet is working again, i should write something smart for you. Uh. I found you a present in china town today, which you will get eventually, and yeah. the katimavik group is getting a boy named arturo from toronto, hot huh? anyways, hope your enjoying your night.

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