Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You Said He Got His Teeth Fixed, I'm Gonna Break Them

Haha... Canadian Tire, I get it :)

It's weird, this whole day I've been looking forward to finishing my midterm so that I could have that great expanse of the Rest of the Afternoon to lounge around in. Except now I'm sitting on my bed eating dehydrated pears and staring bewildered out the window. I don't know what to do with all this time. I feel like talking to someone but I believe that everyone is either in class or studying or working or out doing something important. So I guess I will just write. (Write write write!)

The girl who lives next door just passed my door going "mom? mom? mom? Can you hear me now? mom?" if this were a horror movie I would have to call the priest right about now. And my door would have been flung open and there she would be, a slow smile curled through her teeth and her eyes suddenly yellow. At which point she would pronounce me her mother and sink her un-naturally long fingernails into my soft pale skin. But lo! Is that the hunky protagonist I hear? And just in the nick of time he would fling her back with one excellently toned arm and she would let out a yelp and vanish into thin air... for now.

Then of course the guy would expect sexual favours for his services, which I will happily provide because, oh my! I had been soooo afraid. But right in the middle of things I too will turn out to be the real enemy and he and his goofy pal will have to clean up that mess too.

Thank Jesus for Hollywood

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