Monday, March 8, 2010

Tea and Orages Yet Again- but dont worry, i like it.

Early Morning Yet Again, But own you Know me Mortimer... Early is just my forte dans la vie, it's like when i went through that ridiculous faze of having to go for a hike everymorning, before the sun rise, just to see it rise, and i like how nicolle came with me one morning and then she lost her touque, that he lesbian best friend gave to her, while we bush whacking down a 90 degree hill, because the one we usually went down was mangled and gnarled up with fallen trees from a recent store and it was if anything, a good adventure. Except She lost her touque, and i had to do a complimentary trip just to find it. I did, and the world is good again.

I really don't know what i'm doing today, i know we have free time at some point. Yesterday this really nice girl (and i can't remember her name, god forbid me to do anything else for the week... seriously, she was this nice girl, 21 or something, doing envronmental studies and animation in school, sweet huh?) so she came and taught us how to make our own green cleaning supplies, using only a list of vinigar/soap flakes (which she bought for a 12$ for a good sized bag) and water and lemon juice to make everything smell nice. Nice huh? So guess what we are doing, once we are all living in that indie-victorian neighbourhood. ...

Umm... Other then that, not much has happened in the last 24 hours.. We went searching for this bagel resturant thing, but then we came back short and couldnt find it, after walkig around a freezing downtown area, so we took the metro back to the jerry metro, and had diner food and watched the hockey game (anaheim vs montreal) and then walked back freezing, but stuffed so full our eye sockets would be eventually fucked up.

Kudos to Levi cooking dinner everynight@!!!!!(that's my kudoes of the day...)

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