Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Morning Villeray-7:49am

Mortimer, oh Mortimer- please tell me you guy my message on your telephone. This morning, my throat (ma gorge) is hurting. So i'm sucking on halls, drinking yellow-lime-orange-pekoe- tea and just being half dead, meaning ill eventually go for a walk, hopefully Clean up the house the bit (because man oh man, I have some stories to tell you) and i'm hoping your Saturday night is just the same.

Did I tell you that they sell Wine and Maple Syrup in the same aisle? How Canadian is that huh. Super Canadian.

The picture up there is of what i see when i wash dishes every morning. Its nice huh?
Tell Zoola to some how get in touch with me. Because i've called...

1 comment:

Emma & Sarah said...

wtf, snow?
looks very nice
and yea i got your message and i saved it too
it was nice that you called me
i was just in a movie