Saturday, March 6, 2010

El Conguero

My friend Sally just found out over facebook that one of her friends died. Can you imagine? Especiall with all of mine all over the place- it seems unreal. I would have a hard time believing it especially since: Shark is in Montreal touring circus schools

Zoola is in Victoria auditioning for this, that and the other thing

Tyson and Maddy are in Salvador, Brazil

Nicolle is in Itabuna, Brazil

Brett is at home but does not keep in touch

Janina is in Zurich, Switzerland, and is going to a ball tonight

etc etc etc

How would I find out if anything happened to these people?!

Anyways that is the crisis for the day. Plus I have to write a love story for french. Hm. And last night I went to my bro's house and made a nice root-beer float cake (thank-You Joy the Baker) And then we went to play pool and to this random open-mic cafe where we made jokes about Wyatt and Mike and Carter starting a band, and how I can be the Will Butler (useless percussionist, only there because related to the lead singer) and how Rose could eat calamari because squid want to be eaten anyways, and how poutine is the perfect combination of ingredients (it IS Laura!) And apparently Mike overheard some guy from Res talking about sharing dirty needles and he made is own little joke about how dorm kids are BADASS.

I am now listening to Poncho Sanchez and contemplating refilling my empty waterbottle. This afternoon I will go see Alice in Wonderland which I am feeling iffy about. Not sure I will like it, sure it will busy as hell in the theater. Sally is going to bring me dried mango from the bulk food place in Caddie Bay mmmm hmmmm

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