Friday, March 5, 2010

So heres the downlow tangerine pigtails (and world) today, we went to circus school for a little bit. And then we had lunch. And then, we saw this really random presentation on the environment and how this circus school is actually also, focusing on the environment. And how this random big area behind the circus school has like more then 21 stories (imagine building stories, "Oh the empire state building is so and so.. stories high.") deep of garbage underneath it. Meaning when ever it rains, the garbage works like a tea bag and infuses the water that passes through it, thus creating environmental problems for the natural and city life co-existing in this wonderful area. How are they fixing this you may ask? Well.. Yes you may. (bahahahhahahha) they are mixing oxygen with this bio waste water thus killing the harsh bacteria that might cause the world to eventually melt down. Apparently the bacteria were in a airtight world before they came into ours and when we give them this little present, it kills them. Making us the top of the food chain. Suckas. But isnt that a random thing to learn?
We then went home, played katimavik jeopardy, and then descided we were going to go explore something, so we just went downtown. And did not alot other then look and me being amazed by the big churchs, too bad i am not H core enough to hang out there on a sunday morning. :(

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