Monday, March 8, 2010

My Love For You Is A Stampede of Horses

So yesterday the power on campus was out so I ended up wandering around town with Abby and her future roommate Milika (Dutch, in case you were wondering) We sat in two different coffee shops and rolled up the rim at the end of it. All in all though, I ended up sitting in the dark, racing this laptop to the end of its battery power and watching the sun fade behind the library. I didn't finish the essay I was supposed to write until twenty minutes before class, as per.

I,among many others, was disapointed that Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for best actress. Bullocks! I liked Carrie Mulligan soo much more, even if she is blonde in real life.

And I like the view from your window Shark. Guess what! It snowed here today for like an hour. Nothing was sticking though so Mother Nature gave up. I have a midterm about Sikhism and Buddhism tomorrow and have a feeling it will not go so well, considering I have done none of the readings. Plus I didn't finish Frankenstein, or read those Greek myths. How in hell am I going to pass anything this semester. Seems like I always do this kind of thing and end up coming out with an A- anyways. People tend to hate people like me. One day I am going to have to fail to teach myself a lesson. I am one confused little bunny

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