Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gas Up The Chopper For You Tonight

Hey Shark, don't feed racoons... how will they ever survive when you leave? And speaking of animal connections, this tuesday I fell in love with a rabbit. I named her Martha, she is so chubby and sweet and I see her most days in the bushes in front of my building. (Laura told me its a female because she has this weird double chin thingy. Good to know)Anyways the on Tuesday we stared into each other's eyes for like five minutes, literally. Weird as this sounds, this rabbit kind of confirmed my belief in reincarnation. She definetely has a soul.

I am glad you are settling down way over there. I got your second letter today and will probably send a reply on monday.

So Laura is house-sitting way out on the other side of the city and it has been weird without her next door to pop by every couple of hours. I swear next year will be weeeeird without having to share a bathroom with like 20 strangers and not being able to just take two steps and see her.

Anyways I have decided this wednesday that beer is the devil and should only be sipped gently.

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