Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby, I'm hot just like an oven, I need some lovin'

I was just remembering a conversation I had with someone... can't remember who now. We were wondering if it were possible to teach your children the wrong names for colours before they went to public school so that when for the rest of their lives they would go around saying 'look at that brown fire hydrant' etc etc. Although the question is, why would you want to? I was thinking about this because for some reason I always get into arguments with my friend Laura about what coulour things are, like today I was like: 'punch buggy orange! (PUNCH) and she was like: 'ow! That's not orange that's red!' At which point we argued the meaning of orange for a bit.

Lately I've been covering all the classics: I am reading Frankenstein, Slaughterhouse-Five, Crackpot,and Marathon Man simultaneously and last night I watch Persuasion which could possibly be the most romantic story I have ever read/heard/seen.

And yesterday I went into the ocean for the second time in the New Year. Cartier insisted that we go down to Cattle Point (glad he did) and we ended up walking back along the ocean- which was all crags and people's backyard beaches. And as we all know, for some reason walking along the beach takes about 3 times longer than going along the road, no matter how much more direct it is. We saw some ibises, some ducks and seagulls and geese, and a pair of mink and sea otters respectively. Not to mention the ancient christmas tree that was on the shore and the pounds of sea glass that I brought back.

Good Adventure.

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