Thursday, March 18, 2010

Okay, now i have time for a real life post. Things are going great mortimer (big change from earlier this week-though the job is still bugging me, it just isnt bugging me as much, like seriously, im just their messager lady, in black pants and a blacker jacket, trying to figure out the metro and buses for me to deliver shit in differant places.) Got your letter today, it was sitting on the floor in front of the door to my room, and i just yelled and freaked out that a letter was there and yelled at gillian and scott about them not telling me. It was good.

Today at work was really cool, i got to talk this lady named louise, and shes like the only anglophone *the terms anglophones slash francophones are used constantly here.
*i learnt that Jazzé, is really cool way in french to say your just chatting- on juste jazz ici. everyday mortimer, iàm just getting better.
Anyways, yeah, i was talking to her, and she basically been everywhere in the world, from hong kong, vancouver island, turkey, europe, africa, australia, nz and on and on on and on. Shes intense Mortimer, shes definatly of my favorites. plus another bonus of this job is thats like literatly 30 seconds from chinatown. Anyways, i just work at this cool job jsut two times a week, the other three im at the lame hospital¡ but! i went to the park while i was eating lunch and fed the squirels (bet your jealous- cause they actually came to my hands) and this random girl came up and started talking to me, and telling me how you can feed racoons, and yes i said racoons after nine on mount royal- which isnt really a mountain, itès like little mountain, but oh well, ill take whatevr i get.

Anyways, love you, and hope your day is tight.

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