Monday, February 8, 2010

Right now, it's the morning of February the 8Th. 2010. Our numbers went up Mortimer, but prolly because the link to this blog is in the sidebar thingies of my facebook thingy, and went it's someones birthday, things happen.

Last night, after going to Victoria for that marimba, and then coming back around 6, i ate dinner. I was really good, lasagna and carrot cake with overly sweet cream cheese icing. Things like that are just super nice in life. I then got a message from dah mother that Tyson-tais-toi talked to my brother on facebook, and wanted me to talk to him, about hanging out that night.

So i did. And it turned out the Dwyer picked up a Australian hitchhiker from the ferry that day and was staying in their bunkhouse on the side. He was really nice, dreads and nice accent. It was a alright night i guess. Though i was not impressed when i walked in the bunkhouse and they were having a Marley-time party (if ya know what i mean) and literately, the look on my face and in my head was " not impressed" but things passed. The girl with the overally talking thing left and then things slowed down. Tyson gave me a thing of vodka. I had one shot of it in my cranberry juice and was thinking what impressive thing i could do with it. Pasta? You know that vodka pasta, vodka penne or something. But no, on the drive home from Tyson's this morning, with my father, the thought of homemade vodka popped into my head. So MORTIMER, come September this year- we will have a bottle of homemade vodka in the house

Sounds Extremely tight. Top Quality.
SHIT HOMEMADE VANILLA MORTIMER not vodka, jeeze. I stuck like 7 vanilla beans in the bottom, hoping for the best when the time comes.

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