Sunday, February 7, 2010

I would have made you this cake...

So last night I was the official groupie for a marimba band, it's nice to feel like you belong to that kind of thing. They played this game on the way to the gig in the van: they put on one of their own songs and were like "hey is this kumbana marimba? I love these guys! I wish I could get to know them, they seem so cool" and then the drummer would go off about how great the drummer seems etc etc. I got to thinking between loud guffaws, what if really famous people do this on the way to packed stadiums? Does Bono speak about himself in an awed, wide-eyed voice?

My real reason for writing this is directed at you Shark, in regards to the birthday present I gave you last night. I didn't get a chance to write you a card, but everything in that box has significance. Those earrings? Rose made them. Even the beads. I guess you could say this is a high point about her. The hula girl boxers I got at a clothes swap, but they were in the girls section so I don't think they can be counted as used guys undies or anything. And the scarf/belt is my first accomplished knitted item! Hurray. Notice how the stiches get so much neater towards the end? Unfortunately I'm crap at casting off. I believe ther is also tea in that box. It is from Murchies so it should be tasty.

So Happy Birthday! And I love you. Tell Rob to shut the hell up for me. Actually he's pretty nice. Not as big an idiot as I used to think.

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