Friday, February 5, 2010

idk maybe ice caves?

Mortimer please, how in hell would i know? I could be ice caving for a week down a mountain in a rock, in a none existant road. They wrote the most laid back list and then had a random list of -50 boots and snow pants and shit. So i wrote quick emails to two ladies making sure i wasn't going to drop 100 dollars on new boots- luckily i do not. So more to save on to life!

Last night i was at tysons. We watched zombieland and this weird thai fighting movie, with english subtitles. I then went into town, just zooming around for a bit, went to the kitchen store, book store, pass the outdoor store, goodlooking outdoorman gave me a look in the eye, that was nice. Went to that bulk food place, bought bulk food. That was also nice. At the bookstore, i got a book on russia.

Also, my dad picked up hitchhikers and we drove them just almost to whiskey creek. Nuts huh?
Hope your doing tight things at the exactly right time. Because im not right now. Im talking to this man in french from "algerie" in french about his military life and the lack of "femmes" in that line of work.

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