Thursday, February 4, 2010


Why would you need -50 boots for the spring? when is it ever -50 degrees in march? Anyhoooooos I haven't got your letter yet but I was gonna send you one. Except maybe I will just give it to you on Saturday,

So guess what! I'm bringing my friend Laura home for reading break since she lives way the hell up north. You will like her, I promise.

So I saw Zoola yesterday and kind of realized that nothing she will ever do could make me stop loving her (not in that way, fool) Which was nice. And another realization. Hanging out with stoned people makes you silly. I don't get why more people don't just profit off other people's fumes more often. Which makes me sound like a total stoner.

And I came home today from class and my crazy friends were laying in my bed,wearing my clothes.
Creepy or what?

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