Monday, February 8, 2010

Isn't homemade vodka moonshine? What era is this again?

Tell me Shark, why is it that I feel weird accepting compliments?My Bastard-Spawn friend (her term, not mine) just wrote this whole bloggy entry about how I am 'understated' and 'brilliant' and all I could do was tear up. If she had said these things to my face I would have been hella-awkward, maybe would have cracked a sarcastic sex joke. But really, maybe I should return the favour? And slip it under her door? Or is that too Romantic?

Anyways glad you had a happy happy birthday. Maybe people read this blog because it is undersatedly brilliant? :) And Tais-Toi told me about hotboxing certain outbuildings at certain famous jazz musicians' houses. Har.

And yesterday I bled right through my pants and the tights I was wearing under them and somehow didn't notice until like 11 o'clock. Talk about awkward/embarrasing. Hopefully it was at a weird angle that no one else noticed either.

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