Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'll be comming home to you again

This is like, the 607th time listening to this stephen marley song ( Hey Baby (ft. mos def)..) like as I write this, mos def is talking along, making me internal melt- and not in a sexual way Mortimer, it;s just, a consistant tone, and it's nice. To say the least.

Today, i've been feeling dizzy all day, so i went for a little walk in the morning. Coloured a Envelope to send you a letter in. (maybe i'll send it to you after you leave reading break, or during, so when you come back to your dorm, youll have a letter waiting for you.) I was also reading joy the baker's daily blog, and learnt splashing water at the bottom of the stove at the beggining stages of making it, it makes a crispier crust. Maillard Reaction helps with this too.. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maillard_reaction), but i'm sure youll remember this mortimer- it was basic chem shit. It's like the only thing i remember.

Want to buy tickets for the haiti thing at knox? You should go, ten dollars each. Plus you saved hella loads when you just went along with dah the band last time. I think laura would like it. Plus you're bringing her to saturday night breakfast!! Nice.

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