Tuesday, February 9, 2010

nanananannannananana Fur MAn!

Sure I'll come to the Knox thinger, what day is it?

Thing with Laura is... she isn't coming until Tuesday because she has to dogsit until then, and then she has to leave Thursday so that she can work the weekend. She is a busy little bunny. You know what I have stuck in my head all day everyday? The piano version of Sleephead? Where you can actually hear the words?

Tonight we are supposed to have an 8 oclock dance party to celebrate the fact that E did not expelled for excessive consumption (or something) nice nice very nice. I am also hella busy... anyone know any good Asian religion shrines/temples/spirital places in the Victora area? Maybe I 'll hit up the Chinese graveyard. hmmmmm

My bros friend keeps sitting next to be in Greek and Roman... he is a pretty huge nerd but I am wondering if this is regular behaviour for friends of older siblings. Today I had to choose between sitting next to him or this girl that I am already semi-friends with and he looked all awkward and left in a hurry afterwards. Crazy Shit. Maybe I'm reading into this too much

Over and Out

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