Sunday, February 21, 2010

Post 200

Wow. Just read a blog that went on and on about the inspiration that comes from a woman as she has so many roles in life ("multi-facted" ) as mother, lover and erm caretaker of man. And I say fuck that shit.

Maybe I'm being selfish but the sole purpose of my life is not to inspire men. Sorry. (Is this why I'm single, really?) Anyways I think 3/4 girls I know would laugh hysterically at this idea. Maybe I'm just tooo used to being treated as an equal.

Anyway, had an alone day. Went to the museum, wandered around downtown, saw some Chinese Celebration involving fire crackers and men dressed up as dragons. Is it Chinese New Year maybe? Also all the businesses in China Town have lettuce heads hanging in front of their doors tied with a red ribbon. One day I might know why, but right now I'm feeling way to lazy, and anyway what words would I search up? I'm suppposed to be writing a paper about the Coast Salish people but I am uninspired at the moment. I have a feeling that even if the writing is a massacre I will get and A, my TA's tight like that.
I dunno what to say. Maybe I'll go get dinner.

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