Sunday, February 21, 2010

hey. So today has been hella long. Started up with me waking up, then washing stuff, packing stuff, eating stuff, looking up these sphere things on the internet, arguing with my dad about going to Brazil, getting on a train, laughing with bro about alleged massacre by a 3 year old named Marshall, taking a picture of a squished tree house in Shawnigan lake, dragging my suitcase off the train and three blocks up hill, onto a bus, home, up three flights of stairs, running to the bathroom, getting dinner with Rose, talking with Laura about her bitchy co-worker, going to see New Moon, eating a pumpkin flavoured granola bar, getting into bed, looking a 23 pictures on Facebook, talking to Shark. (phewf)

About New Moon: I went because of the hype and it was 2.50 in theaters. There is this one part where Bella and Edward are standind in a forest talking and the things they say could definetely fit into a porno. No joke.

Bella: I'm coming

Ed: I don't want you to come.


Laura suprised us all by making a vagina joke. kudos

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sp.ajay said...

i will make it a point to observe and laught at the joke when i watch it...