Sunday, February 21, 2010

I seriously thought this was terry fox

Turns out there is lychee liquor. Turns out I now have photo i.d (yes!). Turns out i have to figure out a object that symbolizes me (help?) and bring it to montreal, for a group actiivity. I have a week to figure out what i am going to pack and then some. I need shoes.

Today was my last day housesitting. It was lonely at times, and nice at others. I liked the fact they had a hottub and laptop. I also liked the fact that my friend next came over and we made sushi and rented stupid movies and made pancakes. I also like the fact he said straight up he's horny in the mornings. Honest people like that make me happy. Not in the turned on way, but in the "thats cool" typa way.

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