Monday, February 15, 2010

MILK is delicious, MILK is nutritious

I never for the life of me believed that not having milk in one's house could be such an issue. I mean... we can't even put anything in our tea besides sugar- although they might have honey somewheres. So Shark is house sitting and I am keeping her company- complaining in lovely unison. I am on a laptop that isn't mine, it belongs to a man named "Jim". It has spell check too which kind of bugs me because I can't make up words with the squiggly red line appearing and telling me I am WRONG WRONG WRONG. This is funny: I don't think I have ever written this blog with Shark in the vicinity, even if she is in the shower.
Later on she is going to her impressive bakery job and I may walk into the next town over and wander around. We are going to a tropical themed party at some kid we knows place. I am wearing a cowichan sweater. I didn't get the memo.
The picture I uploaded is the only one on the guest file of this comp. Jim is stranger than the average salmon-doctor.

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