Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How's it going? I'm watching men's figure skating right now. Earlier I went into a hot tub. Man, i wish i had a house with a hot tub for the 7.30 hot tub experiences. My dad just sent me this interesting way of making goat cheese, kind of like a simple ricotta, but obviously made me goats milk and lemon and garlic. I\d like to put flowers in it like that funky cheese you can get really expensive like at thrifties.

This place is simply a mess. I don't know where the vacuum is. Oh and Mortimer, guess what!!! i made gyoza that tasted like gyoza !!! isn't that impressive.

HMM, apparently i should be getting my plane tickets today. And going out for lunch ( hot and sour tofu soup anyone?) I should clean this place up. Mortimer call! so i can catch this bus into town.

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