Friday, February 12, 2010

Ceiling high book shelves and wood. Pure Strong Wood.

Today, was a lazy, yet rushed day. Up until noon, it was nice. Come noon, my dad came in for his lunch time break and then started flipping poo about the fact his uncle (my great uncle) (who has this really cool cabin by lake winnipeg) comming to visit us for the weekend. Turns out he was out here to attempt to see some olympic fun, turns out he had a olympic dinner with the Gordon man. Turns out, he has 10 stories for every hour. I like people like that.

So we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. My hands permantly red from washing dishes and other things. I then went to marimba band practice. Turns out rob will replace me. *nice?* The plan is for while i'm gone, we will do a skyping ordeal. Me with my new friends, watching band practice. Doesn't that sound nice?

Also, Mortimer i really really like the book shelf picture. I hope my future husband can put up with that building demand.

Hope your having fun with tyson, maddy and zzzzzzzzzzzzoooooooola

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