Friday, January 29, 2010

Yeah! saw that house design. Weird thing: how come your post didn't show up until after mine but is underneath it in the chronology department? Whatevah.

You will be happy to know that the midterm I stayed up late last night to study for was a breeze. Turns out I'm a genius at sanskrit, except for this one vocab word which I'm pretty sure I've never seen before.

So last night, as I told you, I went to the dinner for english nerds to 'mix and mingle' at. And there was random trivia for prizes- one of them a competition to see who could write down the most Shakespear plays... and this one girl got 31 out of 36. Let me tell you. It was impressive. I didn't even remember King Lear, let alone Titus Andronicus. I guess the reason why that man is so popular still is the number of plays he popped out in his time. It's like Robert B Parker nowadays, apparently he's written 50 books about this one detective and his infamous dog. I will be lucky if I manage to get one out of these fingers. As TD would say: "oh fingers, don't fail be now..." except he manages to make it sound timeless and anthemic.

I should go have a shower and get ready for this bday party I'm going to tonight for a girl I barely know. She's in first year university and she is just turning 18. can you spell overachiever? Just kidding she's sweet and it should be fun, if my wing man doesn't get smashed and throw herself around too much :)

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