Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not so impressive anymore

Mortimer, i regret to say that i have yet to get ontop of that letter of yours. It's on my mind constantly, always. (this is true i promise) For instance, i write a to-do list at the bottom of my journal entries everyother day- and "Write ____(Mortimer) a letter" has been there, with a little check box, waiting to be checked, for a while. So, keep waiting i guess.

Also, i need to get ontop of my "hike everymorning plan" back on again, I guess it was apart of my new years resolution of sorts. Except the first week of new years, i felt like shit, and it just went all down hill from there. So Tommorw, wish me like, while you'll be running miles, i'll be tramping up hills and on simple roads, through forests, to find that filler for a void.

I'm half way through the 2009 best none required reading. So far there has been stories of triplets (in their 20's) all getin' it on with this mexican guy, who alwaysssssss wanted to do it with triplets. There was also a story that talked about where we came from, and brought up this thing that happened a while back, where this lady had invetro fetilisation, and accidently had a black ladies baby, plus her own. (the first lady was white) and so, a black and white baby came out one day, and then they took this court. The white mother wanting to have it so that the white son and the black son have time to hang out, while the black counterparts, would have nothing to do with it. It was interesting to say the least.

My feet are cold right now, just so you know. I'm also growing carrots in the window seal. How romantic huh?

Another book i'm reading is a collection of short stories from ukrain. I think you were there when i bought it back in qualicum? It was a purple hard cover? Anyways, theres this one line that really stands out to me( the story is called "a stone cross", and it;s cool because it talks about how this family is moving to canada, leaving there farm, and comming to canada, it's it like wow! connection!! that what my ancient family did!!) :

" OK. Old one, let's go. March, einz, zwei, drei. Let's go. We'll dress like lords and we'll go and rule."

And i dont know, i just really like that line and i wanted to share it with you.

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