Sunday, January 31, 2010

So today I had this converstion... remember when we said that the only thing that my last name rhymes with is "bitchy" ? Well I don't know why I never thought of "itchy" and "snitchy" which may or may not be a word...
Anyway I'm supposed to write this dumb essay about possible influences of Emily Carr when she went to France in 1910 and I know jack nothing about this Carr character because I'm pretty sure she has never been mentioned in class and I grew up not likig her work because my mom doesn't like it, although when I think about its not really that bad. Luckily for me I know that France in 1910 was cubist-time and expressionism fit in there somewhere too (this will save my life one day, I swear) I'm impressed with your tramping plans. I don't know if I'm going to make it through tonights run, I'm slightly hung over. shhhh I don't drink half as much as the most of the kids here. And anyway its not like I did anything that stupid. We went down to the James Joyces bistro/ billiards hall, which wasn't really that smoky/bawdy like I expected. On the bus downtown every single person was tipsy and I sat next to this scottish guy named Craig who was on his way to a scottish pub... I thought this was dumb. Anyway then some guy in the back started a sing along and everyone joined in. It's a feeling of conclusion that you rarely get anywhere else. Everyone just out to relieve stress and enjoy themselves. When we were waiting for the bus later we were looking in the windows at Chapters and some really drunk guy came up behind us and asked what we were looking at and offered us some popcorn that he had got from some girls farther down the road. It was only natural to accept.
In the last week I have met: a Serbian named Sandra, a Nigerian named Sam, a Scot named Craig, a South African named Baz, another South African named Francois, and a nameless english guy. I have therefore decided to live in the city for ever and ever and ever. Maybe not always the same city though.

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