Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nuts, you are hungover? What were you drinking, something impressive i hope.
Like pumpkin beer. Did you know you can brew beer in a pumpkin? I didnt. Man oh man, you in for learning something new tonight:

Tonight, we were talking at marimba, about our road trip next week ( we re playing in saanich) and my god, I'm excited. I'm getting a ride down with Carmanagh, and Forrest and Elizabeth will be there too, oh and Rob ( our drum man). And man, this is just going to be a cool trip. We are also sleeping over1 and it will be my birthday the next day and man oh man, things are nice.
(got mallots to play the marimba at home!)

Also, i don't know.
I nearly got killed by a dog when i was riding my bike home. I swear, i was riding my bike, all none-gallantly, and then bam! this huge German Shepard, ready to kill every bit of me. I shined the flashlight, in his eyes, no luck. Still death in his eyes. Man i was scared. I prayed to the gods (god?) up above, praying that they would keep me safe. And that they did, seconds later, two cars from both directions came, and i got a speedy getaway. The end. Also, imagine the scene infused with fog, and no light, just my own.

Anyways, that was like, what? one hour ago? Not even?
Oh well, i have a ideal for your letter, ill be mailing it out tommorow.
Hope the goodlife is treating you well.

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