Thursday, January 28, 2010

hoi hoi hoi hoi.

laaaaast Niiiiiight (she said) I went to see the Great Lake Swimmers play at Alix Goolden Hall, which by the way is the nicest venue hevah, and have thusly decided that Tony Dekker should come live with me. You just can't get the same sound when that shit is recorded. Another place where I enter a state of transendental bliss. No matter how crap my day was, seeing live music (good live music) just makes me beyond happy. I got them to sign my CD and the lead singer wrote "T. Dekker vs. his songs" which stirkes me as a weird thing to enscribe a CD with but there we go. Best not to question genius.
Also in good news I saw Zoola yesterday and it was nice. We talked for a bit. She is going to Calgary this weekend for her grandmothers birthdday (i think) so she can smashed and naked in Alberta before she comes back to BC to get smashed and naked for her own birthday. I also met her friend Cat who she talks about constantly and I was not pleasantly surprised. For one thing, I met her on the bus where she and her friends had been talking about clothes for about twenty minutes- I was making fun of them in my head basically the whole time while keeping an eye on this guy sitting across from me (backwards) who looked like he was going to me sick. Anyway this Cat character was going to see the Fiddle and the Drum, which is cool I guess.

so I took a moment out of studying for my Asian Religions midterm on hinduism to bring you that really exciting story. what is interesting about sanskrit is that a lot of the words sound like parts of english words. And apparently this isn't a coincidence. Ages and ages ago we were all related. Which means we still are :)

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