Thursday, January 28, 2010

(I started this post yesterday night...)

Mortimer, Miss Mortimer. Even though I'm talking to you on msn right now (off and on) and talking to GPM (good looking Persian man), I'll start writing this post. I'm going to start off and say "Sorry for not mailing you a letter back yet" I haven't got anything good to say, at all. Everything good i have, i usually tell you on msn. Maybe I'll start ignoring you, but that wouldn't work out in the end.

Any who:

I made croissants today, well, rolled the butter into the pre=fermented, chilled dough, let it cool, then roll it out again, and then cooled it again and then yet again rolled it out and then baked it, then figuring out it had a bit too much butter for the butter to flour ratio, thus, well the finished product looked nice,but alot of the butter, that could of been saved for something else, melted onto the pan, then to the bottom of the stove, creating little fires. Next time? Less butter.

I also went snooping through ffffound, and found this marvelous home. This apartment in lovely humlegarden, Stockholm (obviously Europe). Just think Mortimer, if this were our new house. I don't really agree with the pure white furniture, among other things.

But isnt it wonderful? heres the link to the thing-

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