Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Here

So what's the big urgency? just because instead of writing yesterday I went down to beach late at night and howled Disney tunes to the star-lit sky, which later turned into old standards (I believe 'Cry Me A River' was in there at some point)

And today I went and found the public library, which was mind blowing after what I am used to in Peetown with endless amounts of Danielle Steele and Clive Kussler. Not that there's anything wrong with those... It's just the sight of so many poetry books in a row brought on this Great Calm. Like that time that I was really stressed out and went to wander through the stacks at the uni library. Instant cure I tell you.

What else did you want to know? It's okay if you have a gig, I may have to show up with roses and or chocolate like a proper Valentine. And it might me nice to see those old friends. Also I have not seen Zoola lately and I can't really decide if I even want to- I think I do.

And tonight I am running TWO MILES. which isn't actually that far. But still. I mean two miles sounds pretty impressive. Gotta milk this for what its worth.

And it turns out the secret reason why I don't like tofu is because it makes me feel sick. Especially when accompanied by sexual innuendoes, as it was. Not to mention tartar sauce. There's a reason why its named after hell

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