Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Guess what? Today, i've finally put off my procratination and started making croissants, i specifically bought two pounds of butter the other weekend, while at the super store in nanaimo (because they were 3.58 $ a pound, which is amazing, because here in parksville they are 5 dollars average) and they've been sitting there, waiting for my lawful, baking fingers.

It starts out with this pre-fermenting goop of flour, milk and yeast, which i had out sitting on the counter for a couple hours, and just recentlyi put it in the fridge, so i can deal with it later on tonight (after work).

I also have been eating bowls of borsht all day and have descided that while i'm living with my katima family down yonder,wherever, ill suggest that we make it once and a while, because of it's awesome goodness, vegetables and apparently we live off each of us for food, 5.50 a day, meaning this could be a awesome choice.

How's your day going? Talked to Zoola at all? I havent at all. Talked to tyson, apparently he had to go to the dentist today (how exciting).

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