Monday, January 25, 2010

Mortimer oh Mortimer, where are you? Turns out I might have a gig on valentines day, so you might have to prolong your hot date for a bit more, (knox, show at 6) and meet me up laterz.

What else... aaaaah nothing at all, my hands are covered in scratches, at least 6 that are easily counted and I know for a fact, that i don't know where they came from, thus another page in the book of mystery.

I know nothing of beer Mortimer, so why talk about it? I was thinking about that (me and my connecting with booze) ce soir, while walking down sunrise, and i realized, that when i am in montreal and if i do choose to go out for a drink or meet a hot date or business partners or anything with my new best friends forever, i'll know nothing of to get for a drink. I'll be like " Uhh, wine" and look like a bum doing so. I've heard of a slingapour sling, which is something that sounds sweet, but at the same time, i just might have to order anything that has pineapple in it. Makes sense?

I finished "Eating Animals" a bit ago, so you'll be getting that soon. I also found my birthday cirtificate today, meaning "i'd time" here i come!

I really don't have anything interesting to update you with. Hope you are having one hell of a night.

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