Monday, January 25, 2010

That Picture Made Me Smile Too

arghhhhh.... never going that long without playing soccer again. Why do my arms hurt? How is that at all related to sprinting? And we didn't even win.

There is my complaint for the day- oh wait, I have another one: why is my neighbour so eager to get me to come kick boxing with her? I can't hit people when I'm not mad at them

Ok good news now: it isn't raining! (although it may as well be- grey as... pavement that's been spit on my a horny teenage boy) And there are still people outside walking around in shorts. AAAAnd I'm going to play billiards on friday, which will inevitably lead to sex in inappropriate locations. Or me winning copious amounts of blackmarket dollars.

Funny Story About Beer and Beowulf: so the other day I wrote as my status that I was sick of Old English (by which I literally meant the old version of the language English) and so when --- commented that I should try Stella Artois, which is a step up, I had literature on the brain and thought the name was vaguely familiar. So when I looked up Stella- who I had envisioned as this renegade Victorian era novilist- I was Very Dissapointed when I realized that the reason this name was familiar was because it was a kind of beer. And so is Old English I guess. And I am dumb... And I should drink more beer

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