Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This is written from the fetal position, listening to my electric kettle drown out the "Song of the Shepherd's Dog" or whatever its called. Actually I think it's called "Wolves" and then the last bit in brackets... What looks like a pine needle just came out of my kettle, and I honestly could care less about where the hell it came from. Every move I have made in the last hour and a half has reminded me that I am a woman (including dashing to the bathroom with a watering mouth and still having to smile and greet the girl coming in the other side and pretend I'm just in there for the usual reasons) Men, consider yourselves lucky. To top it all off my 830 class this morning was cancelled, so waking up at 730 to lie in bed thinking about having a shower was clearly not the best choice. No wait- to top it all off my dog died on friday morning and everytime I tell someone I get choked up in a way that I used to do about my mom. I don't understand people who don't cry when their dogs die, especially when they are old (Not naming any names) What I feel right now is something akin to how Will Smith feels when Sam dies in that movie with zombies.

I guess you could blame it on the hormones. But it feels like more people than ever want to be my friend right now and all I want to do is lock my door and listen to sad music. I just wish my 'real friends' were here to take my mind off things (you know who you are)

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